AngusPRO have kicked off 2022 with an education module, focusing on economic selection indexes and how they can assist in your bull selection process.

Selection indexes aid in the selection of animals for use within a breeding program where there are several traits of economic or functional importance by providing an overall “score” of an animal’s genetic value. Selection indexes are calculated for a specific breeding purpose and are calculated based on weightings placed on individual traits that are deemed to be important for that purpose.

We will take a close look at the AngusPRO ($PRO) Index, which has been developed by Angus Australia specifically for the NZ farming system and our markets here. It is almost identical to the AngusPure Index so you can use the two indexes the same way.

AngusPRO members use the same EBVs as the NZ Angus animals – they are all generated by TACE BreedPlan. HOWEVER the AngusPRO animals are given a $figure for 10 different indexes, including the NZ-specific AngusPRO ($PRO) Index.