The Storth Oaks Yarn

Combining Farming & Science Since 1980

Storth Oaks is a 386ha hill country property that sits a mere 20km east of Otorohanga.  320 stud Angus females are run alongside 350 commercial ewes.

Through the use of advanced technologies such as HD50k across our entire herd, used alongside a breeding program that involves both artificial insemination and embryo transplant with high performance genetics, we are improving profitability for our clients at an exponential rate.

Our Story

In a journey that hails right back to the Brittain’s family homestead in Yorkshire, England, Storth Oaks (meaning strong) was purchased by Tim Brittain in 1980, and it was then that the quest for quality beef began.

Farmed in an entirely commercial manner, the operation has its primary focus set on profitability — fertility, growth and carcass quality.

Fertility is paramount and it needs to be a given in the economic equation. At Storth Oaks, all our yearling heifers are mated and go on to calve as two year olds. She must then get back in calf every year thereafter in order to remain in the herd.

Through the use of genomic technologies such as HD50k to accurately assess the genetic makeup of every animal on the farm, along with extensive use of artificial insemination and embryo transplant, Storth Oaks are holding firm at the helm of the ship.

The end consumer is always within sight, with their demand for quality beef pulling back through the supply chain. Tender, tasty, juicy — these beef attributes all come from intramuscular fat, or marbling as most know it. While feed and management are part of the equation, without calculated selection of the right high performance genetics, the results that are able to be achieved by a carcass on the hook are finite.

Tim and Kelly Brittain have a passion for Angus that exceeds day-to-day farming. They are striving to better the Angus beef industry as a whole, and quality genetics is the start point.

— Beef by Genetics


Our Team

Tim Brittain
Tim is very influential in the genetic selection for the stud and maintains the client relationships.  His extensive work within the beef industry, including his current role as AngusPure NZ Chairman, has ensured Storth Oaks are generating the quality Angus beef that the consumer demands.


Kelly Brittain
Kelly is the overseer of day-to-day farm operations and is fully involved with the stud operations. Kelly has a great eye for cattle and has completed a Beef Class Structural Assessment course.


Dean & Terri Hamilton
Dean and Terri joined the team in 2022 as Farm Manager. Dean has a great passion for Angus and loves discussing the stud stock with clients whenever possible.


Lilly Reed
Lilly joined us in the middle of 2022 having graduated last year from Lincoln University. Lilly grew up with stud Charolais cattle.