Beef By Genetics

2023 Bull Sale Completed

The Scientific Approach

At Storth Oaks we take a scientific approach to stud breeding.  By making breeding decisions based on factual, scientific data, we can increase profitability for our clients and improve the end beef product for the consumer.  A better end product means higher premiums for the producer.


Storth Oaks are part of the AngusPRO group, governed by the progressive governing body that is Angus Australia. Angus Australia pride themselves on their quality of leadership in the delivery of innovative programs that will enhance and promote the value of Angus cattle and beef.

Our Story

In a journey that hails right back to the Brittain’s family homestead in Yorkshire, England, Storth Oaks (meaning strong) in Otorohanga was purchased by Tim Brittain in 1980, and it was then that the quest for quality beef began.

Farmed in an entirely commercial manner, the operation has its primary focus set on profitability — fertility, growth and carcass quality.

Our Genetics

DNA technology is a critical part of the Storth Oaks breeding program and contributes greatly to our completeness of recording. We use technology to enhance our breeding programme and ensure all our pedigrees are correct. In addition, the use of HD50K across our entire herd allows us to speed up our genetic gain by selecting early, those animals that are going to take us forward more quickly.

2023 Bull Sale

1pm, May 31st 2023

524 Paewhenua Rd

Quality Beef

We are committed to bettering the Angus beef eating experience for the end consumer.

AngusPure Beef

“As Chairman of AngusPure NZ Ltd, I have been actively involved in the development of the AngusPure domestic beef brand and AngusPure Special Reserve export brand.  Consumers across the globe are demanding jucier, more flavoursome and tastier beef, and as a stud breeder, I feel it is our responsibility to ensure commercial farmers are using genetics that will assist them in reaching the relevant processing premiums.”

- Tim Brittain, Storth Oaks Angus

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