Performance Recording

“Genomics and DNA technology is a critical part of the Storth Oaks breeding program and contributes greatly to our completeness of recording.”

The science of stud breeding

At Storth Oaks, we’ve been committed to full performance recording since the stud was established in 1991, and we take great pride in the level of measurement that goes into every aspect of the stud.

Enhancing our breeding programme

Genomics and DNA technology is a critical part of the Storth Oaks breeding program and contributes greatly to our completeness of recording. We use this technology to enhance our breeding programme and ensure all our pedigrees are correct. In addition, the use of HD50K across the entire herd allows us to speed up our genetic gain by selecting early, those animals that are going to take us forward more quickly. This technology, which now forms the basis of single step BREEDPLAN analysis, ensures our EBVs are the most reliable and allows both you and us to make selections with confidence.

Measuring ensures consistency

We measure every trait we can with meticulous accuracy, and we have been early adopters of adding and measuring new traits—structural scores, docility measurements, annual mature cow weights, cow condition scores and more recently over the past couple of years, cow hip height. We have measured these long before we could have them scored on our New Zealand animals, however the new EBVs in our toolbox have allowed us to utilise these measurements.

All our efforts in keeping up to date with the latest technologies available, are underwritten with an intense commitment to structure and conformation, which sees every animal at Storth Oaks assessed for structure throughout their lives.

DNA a key tool

DNA and genomics are tools that have an increasing place in our program, to help select the very best replacement heifers and sires early. In addition, since 2016 we’ve used DNA though Zoetis’ HD50K to sire/dam verifiy our entire annual calf drop. This way we can guarantee our buyers that the bull you purchase is by the sire we have nominated, and the animal’s genomic information is incorporated immediately into its EBVs.

Technology lends a helping hand

Total Genetics Resource Management is a computer software tool that we have utilised since 2006 to assist in our mating planning. This programme monitors and allows easy control over in-breeding, but also helps design matings to maximise genetic gains. Each mating prediction is checked by us to make sure that in real life it has a chance of succeeding. Storth Oaks was the first New Zealand beef herd to include this in our breeding programme, a technology long used in dairy, pork, poultry and other livestock industries.