We take great pride in the level of measurement that goes into every aspect of the stud.  Storth Oaks has been committed to full performance recording since starting in 1991.

We are probably one of the oldest studs to never having completed a manual calf return.  Right since the beginning we have used Herd Magic and more latterly Herd Master to record and submit our records.

Measuring ensures consistency

We try and measure everything and take great care in doing so.  We were very early adopters of EID technology and use electronic scales for every measurement including birth weight.  Since the release of the Gallagher TSi unit we have incorporated it into our kit and it has proven to be very reliable and easy for all staff to use.

We are proud to have been awarded a 5 Star rating for the newly released Completeness of Reporting standard set by ABRI through Angus New Zealand.  This gives you our customer confidence that we are submitting as many records as possible meaning our figures should have a higher level of accuracy and mean more.



Enhancing our breeding programme

DNA technology is also a critical part of the Storth Oaks breeding process and contributes greatly to our completeness of recording. We use this technology to enhance our breeding programme and ensure all our pedigrees are correct. In addition the use of HD50K allows us to speed up our genetic gain by selecting early those animals that are going to take us forward more quickly.

For the past four years, Storth Oaks has DNA profiled all progeny and parent-verified both calves.