“Make more money – Select for Profit by Using the AngusPure® Index”

We recommend bull buyers use the AngusPure® index as the primary selection tool when making their bull buying decisions.  The AngusPure® Index estimates the genetic differences between animals in net profitability per cow joined for an example commercial herd (self replacing herd run in a temperate environment) in which some females are retained for breeding and surplus females, along with all males, are slaughtered. Steers are assumed marketed at 565 kg live weight (300 kg carcase weight and 10 mm fat depth) at 20 months of age with a significant premium paid for marbling.

Interpreting New Zealand Angus Selection Indexes_img_6

The following bar graph provides an indication of the relative change that would be expected in each individual trait if producers select animals using the AngusPure Selection Index. The graph reflects the relative change if the Angus Published Sires (at the October 2011 Australasian Angus GROUP BREEDPLAN analysis) were ranked on this selection index and the Top 10% selected for use within a breeding program. The response to selection may differ if a different group of animals were available for selection.

Interpreting New Zealand Angus Selection Indexes_img_8