AngusPure® the brand

AngusPure® is the leading New Zealand beef branding programme owned jointly by Angus New Zealand and Guy Sargent.  I have been Chairman of the company and actively involved in its development since 2005. During this time we have cemented its place in the Food Service sector, being recognised by leading Chefs and placed on the menus of some of our leading restaurants and catering companies. The brand has continued to grow, and with the increase in consumer awareness of the unique combination of taste, flavour and juicyness of Angus beef, assisted by the MacAngus programme, we have moved into Foodstuff’s supermarkets primarily in their New World branded stores but also available in some Pack’n’Save stores.

Key Processors are:

  • Wilson Hellaby – Auckland
  • Land Meats – Wanganui


Key distributors are:

  • Chef Choice – Wanganui
  • Wilson Hellaby – Auckland
  • Foodstuffs – Nationwide


AngusPure® Members Club

Please join the AngusPure® Members Club.  This is free and will mean you are kept up to date with new developments and special offers.  Look out soon for an exciting new announcement which will be available to selected producers of the very best marbled beef.  Click here to join.

Angus Source and Trace

AngusPure® has developed a Source and Trace system to provide greater brand integrity and assurance to our customers.  The programme consists of tagging cattle with fully NAIT compliant tags along with an AngusPure® tag.  These sets can only be purchased from Performance Beef Breeders in Feilding or directly from the AngusPure® website. To be able to put an AngusPure® tag into an animal it must be sired by a registered or PRAC (Performance Recorded Angus Bull).  Sired used must be nominated at the time of AngusPure® tag purchases and farmers agree to be spot audited.

AngusPure® endorsed Bulls

AngusPure® endorses sires in bull sale catalogues.  To qualify bulls must be in the top 50% for the breed for AngusPure® index.  This index has been designed to identify cattle that will likely fit the demands of the AngusPure® brand and improve your herd at the same time.  The index is based around a self replacing herd as well as introducing some weighting on carcase and marbling.

All Storth Oaks bulls for sale in 2021 are in the top 15% of the breed for AngusPure® index.  The average bull in our offering is in the top 5% of the breed.  This is unique!