Welcome to our 19th Angus Bull sale on-farm, be held on Wednesday 1st June 2022 at Storth Oaks starting at 1pm.

We are proud of this year’s line-up of top-quality Angus bulls that we believe will increase your profitability and bottom line. The genetic gain we are making year on year is visible to see but also proving to put extra dollars in the accounts of our customers.

We have many customers who are achieving outstanding results, firstly from the easy-care nature of our bull’s progeny, to very high in calf rates and unassisted calving’s producing outstanding percentages and then at the meat plants where many are achieving extremely high hit rates with marbling and ossification to ensure premium payments. These premiums have now become significant with figures more than $10,000 per unit load of cattle in extra dollars being achieved.

Other ways the genetics are showing through is with those commercial farmers who are using new DNA technologies like Heifer Select and Inherit Select to assist in selecting their replacement heifers and are seeing their Storth Oaks sired females coming out to the top of the pack. These are heifers that are going to earn them more money over their lifetime.

75 of the bulls in the catalogue qualify to carry the A+ endorsement and 14 the A endorsement which is a testament to their leading genetics but also worth mentioning is the large number of bulls in the catalogue that are out of Rising 2yr heifers, their first calves from a yearling mating.

This is our first catalogue following the move nearly twelve months ago to record our stud with Angus Australia (AA) and become part of the AngusPRO group of leading New Zealand studs recording with AA. The transition has gone well, and we believe we are getting outstanding levels of service and support from Australia.

What it does mean for you is that you will become used to searching for our animals from either the Angus Australia website or be directed there through the AngusPRO website. There are tutorials on the website on how to use the very powerful features of the Angus Australia site with their angus.tech system. If you are having problems, please give me a ring and I will take you through how to make it work.

During the year indexes were updated within AA and our New Zealand index called AngusPRO which is basically the same index production system as the AngusPure index in NZ was included in the 10 indexes offered. We have also chosen to publish along with the AngusPRO index in this catalogue the AA $Angus index as we feal it has real relevance also for New Zealand conditions and is a self-replacing based index like AngusPRO.

We all at Storth Oaks are very conscious about keeping everyone COVID-19 safe – whatever the rules are on sale day, we will comply! You are most welcome to wear masks and there will be plenty of sanitiser around the venue, or, if you would rather bid remotely Bidr will be operating their hybrid simultaneous auction system on the day.

As always if you have any questions or issues you wish to discuss, please give us a call or chat to us on sale day. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.