The Angus app is a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices, developed by Angus Australia, to support the suite of software.

The Angus app allows users to instantly access detailed information about registered Angus animals, drawing on information from the Angus Australia database.

The simplistic design of the Angus app ensures Angus breeders are able to quickly bring up information on individual animals using their mobile device, with users able to access a number of different services, outlined below.

Sale and Semen Catalogues

Users can access currently listed sale or semen catalogues, enabling Angus breeders to view information regarding the registered Angus animals that are either currently available for sale or have semen available for purchase, and identify those animals that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.


Animal & Member Lookup

The Angus app allows Angus breeders to access the Angus Australia database to find information on registered Angus animals or members of Angus Australia.

Users can search for individual animals, with either their Animal ID or Animal name, and view information such as basic details, pedigree, EBV information, the EBV chart, as well as photos of the animal.

*Note: a new app was created for Android users in January 2020. Android users will need to ensure they have the current app installed. The previous app, now known as ‘Angus Previous’ should be uninstalled and replaced with the ‘Angus’ app